Top prize for Bayfog 2013

Top prize for Bayfog 2013
I'm sure everyone will want to win this at Bayfog 2013 on 26/27 October

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bayfog results 2011

Well a great weekend was had by all- so i tell them
Results are below and I would like to say thank you to all the sponsors of this year's event. The prizes were really appreciated and made the event that little bit more special; and meant all players went home with something rather than just the top achievers. It's great to be able to reward those in mid or lower table with prizes as they make the tournaments happen but often get forgotten in the rush for glory...
see you and maybe others next year on the weekend of 20th October
Sporting awards.
Overall best sportsman
Jon Smith and Nick Hewitt
Players player of the tournament
Nick Hewitt and Paul Dawson
Player's nominated best army of the tournaments
Paul Dawson’s Alex Macedonians
Competition results
1. Robert Taylor, Principate Roman 72pts     £15 minifigs/matchlock miniatures voucher from caliver books
2. Jon Smith, Ancient British 69         Free entry to bayfog 2012
3. Dave Redhead, Late republican Roman 63     £10 of bases from East riding miniatures
4. Neil Howard, Kushan 58         Osprey quiz book
5. Paul Dawson, Alex Macedonian 49     Six month subscription to wargames illustrated
6. Paul Johnston Early Archemenid Persian 47     Legio heroica armenian army
7. Bob Amey, Parthian 47     bauda roman camp
8. Roger Greenwood, Middle Assyrian 45     £25 museum miniatures voucher
9. Dave Morrison, Late Macedonian 44         Saladin book-osprey
10. Ian Mackay, Spartan 35        free entry to wartorn 2012 scarborough 
11. Marco Baroni, Selucid 35     testudo army pack 
12. George Dick, Spartan 33     £20 stonewall figures voucher
13. John Muir, Selucid 31     osprey hannibal book
14. Nick Hewitt, Ancient British 7         £20 Colonel Bill voucher/henry V osprey book

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

bayfog draw up on bayfog page

Any complaints do let me know......

bayfog draw focuses world attention

The Bayfog supercomputer was pressed into service to conduct the first round draw. Robert Taylor was plucked first from the centre of the earth. And his opponent was........

Sunday, 16 October 2011

pre weekend rankings

Well chaps, all army lists are in. The draw will take place shortly and will be posted on here at some point.

Below is the fifth and final sportsman round before the weekend. A prize is of course up for grabs ! Rules for the sportsman prize over the weekend will be announced on here this week too.

Fifth round based on miscellaneous comments by players over the last few weeks....

jon smith 2+34=36
ofsted inspection hinders his banter..

roger greenwood 10+26=36
besides offering to umpire he recommended Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. Excellent taste 

marco baroni 4+31=34
offered a lift to ian mackay
Nick Hewitt 0+31=31
hindered by lack of internet access
Ian mackay 4+26=30
spontaneously offered to bring cloth for tabletop

john muir 0+28=28
too quiet by half
paul dawson 1+26=27
deserves a point for a series of emailed comments; mainly trying too hard to be sporting now the britcon crown has faded... keep trying tho
George Dick 1+24=25
Some engagement over lists and his new spartan army will hopefully be painted in time

David Morrison 5+16=21
bringing the missus for the weekend!
Neil Howard 2+17=19
Sporting let Nick practice against me last week..

Dave Redhead 0+ 16=16
eerily quiet for this time of year..
Bob amey 10+5=15
Trying to reedem himself with umpire duties, bringing the missus and staying for a week. Maybe there's a sportsman in there trying to get out after all
robert taylor 16+-1=15
Bless him. he is too cuddly to be on minus points. And robert brings a keen sportsman's approach to each competition. His fourth year here so deserves points for loyalty

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Wartorn competitions in Scarborough 30 june and 1 july 2012

Advance warning for Wartorn at Scarborough Spa next year. There will be competitions including

sat 30 june Fog am 15mm 650pt one day competition
sun 1 july fog am/dbmm northern league doubles

all weekend
25mm fog-r wars of religion (the uk's first 25mm comp so far)
flames of war late war

watch this space and the interworldwidenet for more details.....
also see

4th round of sportsmanship rankings

note Jon Smith is now using ancient british after he was called a wuss for not taking it in the first place... 
This round is based on submission of army list and its accuracy. And takes into account the time wasted by the list checker in trying to sort things out/understand the list submitted. Players scored 5 points if the army list was correct, other scores are explained below.

jon smith 5+bonus for bring ancient brits 4+25=34
marco baroni 5+ 26=31
nick Hewitt 5+ 26=31
john muir 5+23=28
 Ian mackay 5+ 21=26
roger greenwood 5+21=26 
paul dawson 5+ 21=26
george Dick -2+26=24 slight sporting error and just needs to work out which is earlier 460bc or 490bc
neil Howard 5+ 12=17
David Morrison -2+18=16
slight sporting error..... but nevertheless
Dave Redhead 5+11= 16
Bob amey -5+10=5
Too experienced to make the schoolboy errors he did...
robert taylor -10 + 9 = -1
He attempted to sneak in a dominate roman army list simply by putting the word principate at the top of the list! Then tried to blame the event organiser for rushing him. Time wasted by list checker on a friday night .....
more round updates in the coming days....

Thursday, 13 October 2011

bayfog sportsman's points

See the Bayfog page for current sportman's rankings ahead of next week. No more spurious awarding of sportsmans prizes, this will be the most scientific approach to this prize in any competition in the UK- making it the most coveted trophy around !!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bayfog nets £300 worth of sponsorship

Thanks to a superb response from the wargames trading community Bayfog entrants are promised a mouthwatering feast of prizes next week.

I am really grateful to the event's sponsors and would encourage all readers of this blog to order whenever possible from the sponsors and mention how their support for Bayfog made a difference.

Prizes up for grabs include

East Riding Miniatures -  £10worth (8 bags) of pre cut bases
Osprey Books - A selection of reference books on famous leaders in history
Bauda- A Roman marching encampment £15
Testudo - An army pack; probably of their new highlanders £56
Minifigs/Matchlock Miniatures - £15voucher
Museum Miniatures - £25 voucher
Legio Heroica - A mini Armenian Crusader army (approx £35)
Wargames Illustrated subscription - £25
Stonewall Figures - £20 voucher
Colonel Bills - £20 voucher
Free Entry to Bayfog in 2012 - £15
Free Entry to a Wartorn competition in Scarborough 30June/1 July 2012 - upto £35 (see for more details in November)

Friday, 7 October 2011

sponsorship and prizes for Bayfog

Have had a wondeful response from the wargaming trading community and we are really fortunatel to have got some great sponsorship for the event- lots of high quality prizes . Am really impressed by the support given by wargames manufacturers and other related traders and hope the entrants will be too.

Sponsors and prizes will be announced early next week... just need one more player to even up numbers now...