Top prize for Bayfog 2013

Top prize for Bayfog 2013
I'm sure everyone will want to win this at Bayfog 2013 on 26/27 October

Bayfog updates

Computer has churned out the above draw. Note Jon Smith is now using Ancient British

Latest entrant Jon Smith with Late Archemenid Persian
Latest sportsman rankings after 3 rounds, latest round based on uk ranking - the higher the ranking the assumption is you are not as sporting !!!

robert taylor 1+8=9
Dave Redhead 2+ 9= 11
bob amey 3+7=10
ian mackay 4 +17 = 21
David Morrison 5+13= 18
roger greenwood 6+ 15= 21 
Neil Howard 7+5= 12

paul dawson 8+13= 21
John Muir 9+ 6 for a sporting list and +8 for turning up from scotland=23
george Dick 10 + 8 for sporting list and +8 for turning up from scotland=26
Jon Smith 11 + 6 for sporting list but deducted 2 for chickening out on bringing a warband army+ 10 for turning up at the last minute = 25

marco baroni 12+ 14= 26
Nick Hewitt 13+13= 26

New additions

John Muir- Seleucid
George Dick - '300' Spartans

i will be umpiring and looking for those good sports! so no EAPs to worry about

Latest sportmanship rankings after two rounds. (1.order of army list entry. 2 type of army) A third round will be added before the weekend (mystery evaluation) and then other rounds added during the competition culminating in the ultimate prize of sportsman of the tournament.

Runners and Riders below the sporting list

ian mackay 17
roger greenwood 15
marco baroni 14
David Morrison 13
Nick Hewitt 13
paul dawson 13
Dave Redhead 9
robert taylor 8
bob amey 7
Neil Howard 5

Runners and Riders- with this rounds sportmanship points added.
Nick Hewitt- Ancient british (10); fun choice, top value sportsman
Roger Greenwood (9) middle assyrian - anything with chariots has to be sporting
David Morrison (8) late macedonian - very sporting to come up from cheltenham
Ian mackay -Classical Greek spartan - (7) is a spartan army sporting? But we will try to give a scotsman from london a pleasant welcome
Marco baroni - seleucid (6); hope he has all the toys and then it would be very sporting
Dave redhead- Late republican roman; (5) borderline competition army but good historical army
Paul dawson - Alex macedonian (4) ok choice but spoilt by wanting to know other competitor choices before the deadline
Neil Howard -kushan (3) poor mans parthian but still an unsporting mounty shooty army
Bob Amey- parthian (2) competition army; wouldnt call that sporting
Robert Taylor - principate Roman (1) pure competition army; not sporting at all

on standby for one other competitior
Paul Johnston -early archimenid persian - top sport all round

Booking is now open for the 3rd Field of Glory Ancients competition

It's a fun, friendly, event by the seaside, so bring your partners and kids and let them loose on the beaches and North York Moors whilst you have much more fun with your chums playing toys soldiers in a pub!

It's Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October 2011.

9.30am- 5.30am both days

15mm singles competition but 900 points and classical theme with any army between 500bc and 50ad

4 games, 2 on Saturday and 2 on the Sunday

location will be Grosvenor Hotel in Robin Hoods Bay

The Grosvenor has food and beer on tap all day
I may be able to accommodate players (depending on whether I have moved house or not by this date)

Alternatively, for local accommodation see

Entry fee is £10 a player
entries to
Paul Johnston
Ingleside, Mount Pleasant South, Robin Hoods Bay, Whitby, N Yorkshire, YO22 4RQ
07974 686 556