Top prize for Bayfog 2013

Top prize for Bayfog 2013
I'm sure everyone will want to win this at Bayfog 2013 on 26/27 October

Cheriton 1644

I cobbled together a quick game for Jon Smith and i to play the other day using Fof-R. We did Cheriton Wood 1644 on a 10x 4 table.

A OOB put together in a hurry saw the Royalists have 9 foot regiments (3 all musket, 6 pike/shot average and 1 superior pike/shot) 3 superior armoured cavalier regiments and 4 average cavalier regiments, a medium artillery battery and 2 commanded shot units.

 Parliament had 12 foot regiments ( 2 poor muskets, 9 pike/shot average and 1 superior pike/shot) 4 average horse pistols, 5 average horse carbines.

An after the battle review saw Royalists with 1102 pts and Roundheads with 1150

The battle played quickly and was great fun as always with these rules. The Royalists pushed through Cheriton Wood but were held on the left flank otherwise by Parliament horse and foot.

In the centre the Royalist foot got the better of the Parliament foot but ended up collapsing right at the end.

The right flank saw Parliament hold up the Royalist horse from behind the hedge rows and ended with a slight victory on that flank.

Overall neither side could claim a commanding victory

Photos below show the key moments working backwards from the end of the game (i can never get the hang of this blog photo thingy)

Pic shows Parliment's right flank with the wood contested by shot units of each side. Green coated Royalists foot have won the battle of the centre and are now swinging to engage parliamentary horse and foot
Photo above shows Royalist left in stalemate and parliamentary foot (blue flags) head towards their collapsed centre. below shows a series of Royalist units who have beaten their opposition but are in various stages of disorder and rout.
The Royalist centre is shown below cleared of troops as both sides foot implode leaving some Parliamentary cavalry to skulk

The aprliament left flank in stalemate until nightfall when a last charge by the Royalists sweep one side away.Unfortunately a Royalist charge down the centre hedged lane below came to grief and was also swept away.

End game approached below on the parliament right. roundhead cavalry sits in reserve behind the wood.
Mid game below the parliament left flank seeing cavalry comabt. Views down the centre of the field sshows foot engaged with the Roundheads on the right of the picture begining to fold.

A clash in the centre of the field below as both sides shoot each other then parliament charges in- and is routed
Superior Royalist manouvering below engineers and advantage in the firefight

Action shot below as the battle develops. parliament on the right

The parliament right flank early doors as both sides get to grips with the hedged lanes.


  1. Many thanks- not all the photos were good quality and am still sorting out how to get the pics in the right order on the blog itself!