Top prize for Bayfog 2013

Top prize for Bayfog 2013
I'm sure everyone will want to win this at Bayfog 2013 on 26/27 October

Monday, 8 August 2011

Bayfog 22/23rd oct now taking bookings

For full details of the 900pt Field of Glory ancients competition see the Bayfog updates page on the right handside. But current entries are

Entrant no1. Roger Greenwood.
Entrant no.2 Robert Taylor
no.3 Bob Amey
no.4 Dave Redhead
no.5 Neil 'surfer' Howard (national champion 2011)
no. 6 Frenchie
no.7 Paul Dawson
no .8 Paul Johnston
no 9. Ian Mackay
no 10 Marco Baroni

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