Top prize for Bayfog 2013

Top prize for Bayfog 2013
I'm sure everyone will want to win this at Bayfog 2013 on 26/27 October

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Marston Moor order of battle

Order of battle for all 5 armies ( 2 royalist, 2 Parliament and the Scots) are now on the Marston Moor page. Comments welcome. All terrain for the 24x6 table is complete; including 60 linear feet of hedges !!. March will see all the Parliament chaps based and flagged. Flags of War ( are providing all flags and I will get photos up of the completed units in the next few weeks. Figure painter now beavering away on the Royalists. Participants in the game this June/July in Scarborough are still very welcome.  see

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