Top prize for Bayfog 2013

Top prize for Bayfog 2013
I'm sure everyone will want to win this at Bayfog 2013 on 26/27 October

Monday, 14 May 2012

1644 campaign recruiting

Well I can't promise it will work but I am embarking on a new project to while away the hours... A campaign to recreate the challenges of 1644 for both King and Parliament.

1644 will be a play by email game which may well transfer the major battles onto my table top!

Recruitment of players is now open and there are currently spaces for 14 players with other positions likely to be created as the campaign develops.

All communication will be through the umpire so hopefully we can recreate a proper sense of fog of war....

See the page of the right hand side for more details and email me direct at if you'd like to be involved.


  1. I'm interested.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I'm interested in any shot and pike campaign that doesn't involve too much work. Always willing to add some random chaos to someone's well-planned world.

    1. Jim
      hi please can you email me so i can send you stuff

  3. Thanks to both= please just email me at

  4. Hi Paul,

    I'm interested to join up :)

    What to do ;)


  5. I was thinking of doing the same kind of game just the other day, so I most certainly would love to play.

    I will send an email to the address above.

    Thank you!