Top prize for Bayfog 2013

Top prize for Bayfog 2013
I'm sure everyone will want to win this at Bayfog 2013 on 26/27 October

Sunday, 21 October 2012

bayfog IV results

“Bayfog was average this year” says Marco Baroni ! This was the Field of Glory ancients competition. Well many thanks to all of you chaps who made the journey to my small part of the world. It really is appreciated that all of you make the trip. I hope you think it is worthwhile. I think Bayfog IV was probably the best yet both in terms of numbers and atmosphere and it was great to see a well lit hall filled with gamers taking lots of exercise. With the tables laid out over the badminton court, I am sure wargaming is a sport really !! I would also like to thank the sponsors who gave generously in straightened times. Thanks to Donnington, Magister Militum, Opsrey and Perry Miniatures. Your support is much appreciated too. Well done to champion Neil Howard and commiserations but much appreciation to Malcolm Gordon. Malcolm won the £30 Perry voucher and Marco Baroni in the Mr Average 11th place won the £40 worth of Donnington figures ! The results of the 900 points Average Joe competition are below. I am open to suggestions for next year (on the basis people want to come again!) and will look at dates asap too. As a review I thought the average nature of the troops meant results were in the balance at all times and the absence of superior troops brought an unpredictable nature to the games which made a nice change. The close nature of the scoring reflects this too. 1. Neil Howard Tupi 69 2. Ian Mackay HYW Eng Cont 1420 66 3. Bob Amey Warring States Han 100bc 65 4. Gordon jamieson Warring states Han 200bc 63 5. Robert Taylor dailami Dynasties 950 62 6. paul Johnston Auxumite 570 61 7. Hugh Cameron Low countries 1478 57 8. Richard Case Komnenan Byzantine 1187 47 9. Dave Morrison Santa hermandad SNC 1483 46 10. Graeme carroll medieval Indonesian 1292 44 11. Marco baroni Free Company 43 12. George Dick Low countries 1477 43 13. matt poole WOR Yorkist pretender 42 14. John Muir medieval Danish 1490 41 15. Richard Butler HYW Eng Cont 1455 40 16. Dave Saunders mamluk Egyptian 1401 39 17. paul dawson HYW Eng Cont 1356 35 18. John Hogan HYW English Continental 1423 34 19. Roger Greenwood War of Roses tudor 1482 32 20. Robert Middlemist Numidian 47bc 19 21. Malcolm Gordon Classical Greek Thessalanian 470bc 11

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